Dear potential client, the following proposal has been broken into a series of sections, each offering a different magical package, price structure and requirements. Examine them individually, deciding which is of most interest to your upcoming function.


Rates for Children Birthday Parties:

Package One

1 hr. Show (Magic, facepainting, balloon animals)


Package Two

2 hr. Show (Magic, facepainting, balloon animals, games and prizes)



Rates for Corporate and Adult Events:

Package Three

20 min. Show (Stage Show includes fire, bird and music)


Package Four

1 hr. Show ( 30 min Stage Show with Audience participation + 60 min Strolling Magic)


Package Five

2 hr. Show (30 min Stage Show /Audience participation with Stage Illusion + 1 Hr Strolling Magic)

Package Six

4 hr. Show (1 1/2 Hrs Stage Show / 2 to 3 sets/Audience participation with Stage Illusion

2 1/2 Hrs Strolling Magic +




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